IRBManager Transition

IRBManager – the IRB’s New Electronic Submission and Review System

The IRB will soon be transitioning to an electronic system for submission, review, and maintenance of IRB applications! 

Where are we now?  A system has been selected and its functionality is being developed by IRB staff. 

What is the system?  The system, called IRBManager, has many great features that will automate some of the manual processes required by paper, allow access to all IRB-related records for your studies, and expanded communication methods during the review process. 

  • IRB applications will be completed, signed, and submitted completely in the system – no more hand-written signatures or delivering paper applications. 

  • Access is granted through single-sign on using your ISU NetID and password.

  • Electronic uploading and storage of consent documents, data collection materials, etc.

  • Full listing of current research personnel viewable within a single page in the study record.

  • Built-in links to relevant guidance and educational materials, templates, etc.

  • More options for communication between IRB staff and researchers – electronic “sticky notes” can be added in relevant sections of the application, changes are highlighted for easy viewing, etc.

Expected Launch?  January 2018

How can you help?  There are two primary ways:

  1. Renew Human Subjects Training using the CITI modules:  IRB Manager will automatically check human subjects training, provided researchers have completed the CITI training modules.  If you have not done so already, we strongly encourage you (and any research staff involved on your projects) to complete the CITI training modules. 

       We are planning a transition time to allow researchers to complete CITI training, but completing it now will make the switch to IRB Manager
       much smoother.  Remember – you must register with CITI using your ISU email address and affiliate with ISU to allow automatic
       checks of training.

  1. Formally close any projects that are complete, including those that were deemed exempt.  We are able to import some data for ongoing projects.  It would be helpful to do so only for those projects that are still active.  The IRB’s Study Closure policy outlines when projects can be closed to IRB oversight.  You may submit the short Project Closure Form to formally close the project.

       Please close these projects by November 1, 2017.

Training Sessions:  Coming Soon!

Questions?  Feel free to contact Roxanne Bappe at, 294-4215 or Kerry Agnitsch at, 294-4271.