We are pleased to announce that the IRBManager Electronic System has been launched.  As of March 19, 2018 at 8:00 AM, all IRB applications must be submitted through the IRBManager system for review. This includes applications for new studies and modifications or continuing review for ongoing studies.  See the IRBManager webpage for information on how to use the system.

Paper forms will no longer be accepted, except to report an adverse event, request a preliminary IRB determination, or request that ISU rely on an external IRB.  Those forms will eventually be available in IRBManager, but currently remain available below.

For studies approved or exempted prior to March 19, 2018, basic protocol information (e.g., title, PI) will be imported into IRBManager.  See our IRBManager webpage for more information.

IMPORTANT: Applications may not be submitted in IRBManager unless training through the CITI Program on the protection of human research participants is complete for all study personnel. IRBManager communicates directly with CITI records only. Remember--you must register with CITI using your ISU email address and affiliate with ISU to allow automatic checks of training.

Other Forms

  • Request for Preliminary IRB Determination (formerly Approval in Concept) This form is used only for funded projects that lack definite plans for the involvement of human subjects because time after the award is needed to develop the final protocol and related study materials.

Informed Consent Document Templates

Using one of these templates will help ensure that all of the consent elements required by the regulations are included in your document. The template is only a guide and you may modify the document to meet the needs of your research. However, it is very important that you include all of the consent elements in your document unless your study falls into one of the categories of exempt research. More information regarding informed consent can be found here.