Please email the entire form as an MS Word attachment to The completed signature page, along with the title page, may be emailed as a PDF or sent via campus mail to the IBC Administrator, 202 Kingland.

PI and Department Chair signatures are required for new applications; PI signatures are required for continuing reviews and modifications.

Please be sure to follow the new IBC training requirements.

New Application Forms

  • IBC Application Form This form is used to obtain approval for projects and teaching activities that involve recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules, pathogens, infectious agents, toxins, experimental biological products, and transgenic animals.
  • Protocol Review Form - Research (combined IACUC & IBC application) This form is used when animals are used in conjunction with recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules, pathogens, infectious agents, toxins, and experimental biological products. This form is also used if the animals utilized in the project are transgenic.
  • Protocol Review Form--Breeding Colony This form is used to obtain approval for transgenic breeding colonies.
  • IBC Field Release Form This form is used to obtain approval to perform a field release of plant pests or genetically modified organisms. A new Field Release Form is required every year of a multi-year project.
  • Exempt Study Review Form for Research Involving Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules This form should only be used for certain areas of research which the NIH has specified as exempt from the requirements of the NIH Guidelines, Section III-F and Appendix C-VII, Generation of BL1 Transgenic Rodents via Breeding.

Adverse Event Form

Continuing Review and Modification Forms

  • Continuing Review & Modification Form This form is used for continuing review or proposed modifications prior to implementation of the changes. For continuing reviews, please submit in advance of the protocol expiration date to allow adequate time for the review process.
  • Personnel Change Only Form This modification form is eligible for expedited review, which is performed by the IBC Chair and BSO.

    Note: This form may be used for more than one study if: 1) personnel to be added are the same for all studies; 2) duties are the same for all studies; and 3) personnel have the necessary experience and/or will have appropriate training for all duties. Please be sure to list all relevant protocol numbers and titles. If personnel are being added to the IACUC portion of the project, please list relevant IACUC protocol numbers as well.

Other Forms

  • Project Closure Form This form is to be submitted when the project has been completed or canceled.
  • Hazard Inventory Form All personnel who work on a regular basis with chemical, biological, or physical hazards or with animals must complete all sections. Make sure the form is saved on your desktop before you fill it out. Having trouble completing and emailing the PDF using Google Chrome, or Firefox?  Click here for additional information.