Attending Veterinarian

    Attending Veterinarian
    Dr. Mary Sauer
    11 Kildee
    806 Stange Rd

     Adequate veterinary medical care is an essential component of an animal care and use
     program and is required by the PHS Policy and Animal Welfare Regulations. Each institution
     must also have an attending veterinarian who is responsible for a program of veterinary care.

     ISU Attending Veterinarian, Mary Sauer, must assure the best care for every animal --
     be it pig or opossum -- used in the university's teaching and research missions. Mary
     interacts with horses, beef cows, dairy cows, pigs, mini pigs, go
ats, mice, rats, opossums,
     guinea pigs, rabbits, zebra fish – and the faculty and researchers who teach and conduct
     research with them. In addition to the obvious ones – Veterinary Me
dicine, Agriculture and
     Life Sciences -- she works with the colleges of Human Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences
     and even Engineering.

        --Inside Iowa State